Tracy Ginn_BW-self Portrait - tginn8

Tracy M. Ginn ’83

This diptych oil painting “The Essentials” was created during the height of the Covid Pandemic and was my response to the compassion, hard work and non-stop committal of all our essential workers.

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Baker Beach Walk by Tracy M Ginn ’83

This oil painting began on glorious Baker’s Beach in San Francisco looking out over the Golden Gate Bridge and was

Mannequin Man, Tracy M Ginn ’83

Mannequin Man is an oil painting based on a polaroid I took in New York City of man walking down

Not In Our School, Triptych by Tracy M Ginn ’83

This triptych oil painting “Not In Our Schools’ was created in 2018 during a period of extreme gun violence in

The Essentials by Tracy M Ginn ’83

The diptych “The Essentials” was created in response to the Covid Pandemic. It was my tribute in oil to the