_DSF1896 - Regan Bell

Regan Emily Bell ’14

In her artistic practice, Regan is interested in the power of individual perception and the way we each react to an image, experience, or work of art. Using an array of media including photography, video installation, and sound, Regan analyzes what makes up this perception: individual environment, the physical body, and mind, the intuition, and sense of self. Out of this collected media Regan develops longterm projects that bring to light both our commonalities and our differences.

Regan’s Art for Sale


Grandma’s Lemon Tree by Regan Emily Bell ’14

8 x 12″ signed archival pigment print on cotton rag. Matted and framed in a 20 x 20″ walnut colored

Rose Hips (in wildfire light) by Regan Emily Bell ’14

Limited edition 10 x 15″ signed archival pigment print on cotton rag paper. Captured in 2021.

Two Trees by Regan Emily Bell ’14

20 x 30″ signed archival pigment print on cotton rag. Framed in a walnut colored aluminum frame. Captured in 2018.