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Mia Waisman

I felt the world around me. My inspiration comes from childhood memories growing up in the Soviet Russia, and now my life in Maine. The often symbolic- elements of the functional objects I create present a spectrum of color and texture perspective, and combine both, the aesthetics of artistic presentation and manual craft skill. I want people to see beauty in ordinary functional objects that they use and see in everyday life. These pieces hold memories and tell stories connecting past and present.

Mia’s Art for Sale

Birches on Gray by Mia Waisman

Wool painting, 10.5″ l x 8.5″ h x 1″ w stretched over canvas. Bergschaf wool, Romney wool, virgin wool prefelt.

Faded Memories by Mia Waisman

Wool painting 24″l x 18″h x 1″w on Monk’s cloth, stretched over canvas. Needle felted Romney wool. Year: 2020.

Wounds by Mia Waisman

Wool painting, 15.5″ l x 13″ h, uneven edges, stretched over 18″ l x 14″ h x 3/4″ w canvas.