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Mardie Weldon

A few years ago another painter friend challenged me to try a different medium at a MECA beginner’s jewelry continuing ed. class. Numerous workshops later, I was hooked, transitioning from painting to metalwork to bring more texture and dimension to my work. I have focused on adornment and jewelry-making, mixing materials that may be trivial or are generally not considered high value with more precious elements to create pieces that tell a story. I am drawn to local (Maine) stones – mining, cutting and setting – to build on the visual language I was developing through painting and assemblage. Natural shapes, colors and textures are set together to resonate with humor or surprise for both wearer and viewer.

Mardie’s Art for Sale


“Hangin’ In” Necklace by Mardie Weldon

Green Tourmaline (3), garnet, manmade ruby, quartz, serpentine beads, handmade sterling silver chain, mount and clasp. Approximately 24″

Oh, Baby / Brooch by Mardie Weldon

Turquoise, Green Florite, CZs, moonstone, beach stone, recycled sterling silver, 14K gold, steel pinback

Protest Rabbit Brooch/Pendant by Mardie Weldon

Agate, prehnite, picture jasper, quartz, manmade emeralds, oxidized sterling silver, with steel pinback and hidden bail for stringing on a