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Laura Friedman

I am a retired early childhood professional who chose this field years ago instead of art. My Lesley University Independent Study Masters Degree allowed me to take an in-depth focus of the Reggio Emilia Approach (https://www.reggiochildren.it/en/reggio-emilia-approach/). About 15 years ago, after making a bracelet from some brass wire, screws and nuts during an early childhood workshop, I was inspired to take a beginner metal smith class at the Maine College of Art. One more informal class at Artascope gave me the confidence to set up a small shop. Since then, I have been learning through play, experimentation, practice, reading and watching YouTubes. My life’s work with young children has taught me to embrace the process, including all the messes and mistakes. Giving in to this way of thinking has led to much creativity and joy. It also allows me to turn my “errors” into new pieces. I keep a small inventory of available pieces on my website. I also enjoy collaborations. Working on others’ ideas continues to inspire me and pushes my skill—both in designing and in fabricating.

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