Heather Kelly ’99 of Nail it Art


Heather Kelly is a MECA graduate, and is the creative force behind Nail it Art, a small Maine based company that creates modern home accents. Drawing much of her inspiration from the natural world and sacred geometry, Heather has taken the old craft of string art and elevated it into a modern and captivating body of work. Her intricate 3D pieces are made by collaging together custom laser cut forms with paper, paint, wire, string and nails. All work is made on reclaimed wood, giving each piece a unique quality. This work is made with the intention to inspire a moment of quiet reflection and to remind us of our connection to the natural world.

Torus Flower in Black and Gold by Heather Kelly ’99 of Nail it Art

The torus is a form of flowing energy found throughout existence. It can be found in magnetism, atoms, cells, seeds,