CATQUAT / Cat Quattrociocchi ’17

I’m Cat Quattrociocchi and am based out of Portland, Maine. While my focus is on designing and creating wearable jewelry, I also produce a collection of decorative mobiles which I like to think of as jewelry for your living space. This collection is a way for me to apply some of the materials I’ve accumulated in a way that feels like jewelry in its production and aesthetic while creating something larger & non-wearable. The mobiles allow me to add humor and playfulness into my work and I hope that follows them to the spaces in which they are displayed.


Cloud Mobile by Cat Quattrociocchi ’17

blue-beaded blob clouds float around a hand formed brass armature. dimensions: 1.5′ x 1′ x 1′

Mixed Fruit Mobile by Cat Quattrociocchi ’17

faux fruit hangs from a hand formed armature made using brass wire and repurposed vintage chain. dimensions: 3.5″ x 2″