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Munira Naqui

I usually work in series on variations of a theme, they comprise of movements of geometric elements in space. These are explorations in apparent stillness of forms, expressions of harmony and tension within movements. I work with a predetermined limited palette and strive to reduce the composition to its most minimal elementary form. In the past couple of years, the concept of distance and its measurement became pervasive and urgent in my mind. We fell into the habit of measuring our physical distances and geographic distances that seemed close, suddenly became insurmountable. I felt the shift in time and space. The heavy cloud of uncertainty, the arbitrariness of facts surrounding us, made me want to hold on to concrete facts, thoughts and feelings. That was my anchor. I strived to keep my work concrete, minimal and reflect the serenity of nature and human resilience. I was born in Chattogram, a bustling port town on the coast of Bay of Bengal which is now Bangladesh. I have been living in the USA since 1982. I now live in Yarmouth Maine, and work in my studio tucked in the woods in New Gloucester

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