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Margaret Leonard ’82

My work is always evolving. I work plein air and indoors from my imagination. Either way , I strive to make a painting that works as a whole. Most recently I have been completed a series of paintings about the Frank Woods Bridge, which spans the Androscoggin River between Brunswick and Topsham , Maine. This is a local icon that is now endangered. There are many people that have an affinity towards the bridge because, like me, they have grown up in the area and feel that it is a treasure that deserves being restored rather than being torn down and replaced with a more “urban” style bridge. In February the Maine Historical Society purchased one of my bridge paintings for their permanent collection. I have also been making paintings/collages in reaction to the turmoil in Ukraine. These paintings are more abstract. Though I am not there physically, the turmoil triggers feelings ( for example, the feeling of being under siege) within me that I may relate to on a personal level. From this I strive to make paintings/collages which express these feelings. I am most interested in light. composition, color and invention.

Margaret’s Art for Sale

Blue House in Harpswell by Margaret Leonard ’82

acrylic on canvas board, 2020, 14×18″

Harpswell Shore by Margaret Leonard ’82

caran d’ache and acrylic on canvas board, 12×16″

Sunset Out the Back Window by Margaret Leonard ’82

Available to view at MECA&D by request.

Waders in Harpswell by Margaret Leonard ’82

plein air using acrylic on canvas board, 12×16″ 2018