Jessica_Foley_148 - Jessica Foley

Jessica Parker Foley MFA ’20

Jessica Parker Foley makes spooky landscape paintings populated with a cast of faceless characters. Her oil paintings are characterized by saturated, optical color work, an expansive vocabulary of mark-making, and lanky, ambling figures. By blending the historied Maine traditions of horror and landscape, she creates scenes in which the body is a force within nature. The scenes range from moments of peril—passive subjects being touched, grabbed, and stepped on to moments of force; subjects striking, lifting, and strangling.The faceless bodies contribute to the open narrative structure of the work—the lack of expression allows the figures to coolly disassociate from the proceeding activities. Self-possessed and self-aware, the paintings themselves gaze back toward the viewer.

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Woman Suspended by Jessica Parker Foley MFA ’20

42″ x 46″ oil on linen, 2022.