Freeman.Emmett.Profile - Emmett Freeman

Emmett Brown Armitage Freeman ’17

The work I make is an exploration of my own sincere emotions and experiences. I am inspired by the things that happen around me, laying on the couch, taking the same route to work, clothes that pile up, that kind of stuff. These mundane things create the story of what actually happens in the narrative of our lives. These are the things that we often take for granted. I make art that captures these moments and the ways that I feel about them. Emmett Freeman is from Concord, New Hampshire. He completed his BFA in ceramics at the Maine College of Art in 2017. His work includes topics in the mundane experience, figurative sculpture, ceramic vessels. His work utilizes traditional and new methods to create work that engages an audience in an introspective space. Emmett currently teaches continuing studies at the Maine College of Art. He is the Assistant for C&M Ceramics in Portland, Maine. He was recently featured in Ceramics Monthly Magazine and taught at Haystack Mountain School for Craft.

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