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Cat Bates ’09

Biddeford-based jewelry designer Cat Bates is best known for his use of metal casting and sailor knotting to create unisex designs which exemplify durability, ease of wear, and understated beauty. By working almost exclusively in multiples, utilizing industrial manufacturing services, and celebrating tool marks as elements of design, he strikes a rare balance between artistry & economic accessibility. Cat is represented by boutiques across the United States & collected internationally.

Cat’s Art for Sale


Lodestone Bracelet by Cat Bates ’09

I designed this bracelet collaboration with west-coast leatherworker Nicholas Hollows, aka. Hollows Leather. Nicholas reached out to me in an

Sister Clasp Necklace by Cat Bates ’09

This necklace features a hand braided polyester cord and a pair of hand made shibuichi Sister Clasps. The clasps are

Sister Link Bracelet by Cat Bates ’09

When I was a kid my father first showed me how to make this kind of mechanism using bolt cutters