Thomas Brain 7b 72dpi - David Thomas

C. David Thomas ’68, Hon. DFA ’16

On December 14, 2020 at 11:22:48 I was lying flat on my back being rolled into an MRI machine at the VA hospital in West Roxbury, MA. My neurologist had ordered an MRI scan of my brain to see if she could see any shrinkage or other evidence of my parkinsons. The hour-long process revealed only normal aging shrinkage. Upon leaving, I asked and was given a DVD containing all of the hundreds of scans of my brain. I quickly became fascinated looking at these complex slices of my brain. I understand that these images show only the physical brain and not the content. I became fascinated by this idea. All of our brains are similar in structure but very different in content.

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Birth of a Flower by C. David Thomas ’68, Hon. DFA ’16

Available to view at the ICA at MECA June 17-20.